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Performa Nutrition Solutions joins Catalyst Kinetics Group in Burnaby, BC.

Prima Products are now available! Visit the Prima website to learn more about Food for Sport.

Personalized Nutrition Solutions 

You already know that what you eat affects your performance in sport and daily life. But choosing the right foods and eating for success is no mean feat, especially given our busy lifestyles and the variety of food choices available to us. 

Peforma Nutrition Solutions offers personalized, professional advice on what and how to eat in order to maximize your everyday performance. Whether you are training for a marathon, looking to lose weight and cycle in a Gran Fondo, or just in need of a boost to your daily workout, we are here to help you acheive your goals. 

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Our Services 

Your training program is personalized and finely tuned, so why shouldn't your nutrition plan be? We specialize in sports nutrition for endurance athletes. Using current science and the latest software and databases, we are able to pinpoint your nutritional strengths and weaknesses and build a solution to match your needs.

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